Join us at the Wild and Comparative Immunology workshop 1-2 Feb 2024 in Hobart, Tasmania

WACI 2024 Following the success of our in person 2019 WACI workshop in Hobart that resulted in the Rewilding Immunology paper in Science, we will be hosting another workshop in Hobart. This workshop will be supported by our Wild Immunology group at the Menzies Institute for Medical Research, University of Tasmania, so day 1 will focus on the Tasmanian devil facial tumour disease immunology and vaccine approaches. Our collaborators from Vienna, Austria will be joining us at the workshop. Day 2 will be open for other WACI topics. Registration and abstract submissions are open. A tentative program is also available…

WACI 2021

The Australia and New Zealand Society for Immunology (ASI) annual meeting is being held on the 8-9 Dec, 2021 and the WACI Special Interest Group (SIG) session will be on 9 Dec, 2021. This is open only to registered participants in the ASI meeting. The WACI workshop on 10 Dec, 2021 is open to all. About the WACI workshop The virtual workshop will take place from: 10 December 2021 (Australian Eastern Time = UTC +11) 9 December 2021 (Greenwich Mean Time = UTC ) Click here for a useful time zone converter (